Welcome to IEEE OnlineGreenComm 2014!
We warmly welcome you to the 2014 IEEE Online Conference on Green Communications, the fourth edition conducted entirely online and dedicated to addressing the challenges in energy-efficient communications and communications for green technologies.

Continuing with the experience provided by the last three editions, IEEE OnlineGreenComm'14 will be held entirely online, to emphasize the need for reducing global greenhouse gas emissions, avoiding the most polluting aspects of conferences, the use of mass transport systems for traveling. Common to all IEEE conferences, IEEE OnlineGreenComm will feature a full-fledged paper submission, review, and publication process that adheres to the high standards defined by IEEE’s.

IEEE OnlineGreenComm covers a wide spectrum of research subjects, including green methodologies and architectures for communication technologies, communication technologies as enablers for green solutions, energy efficient in Smart Grid comunications and energy management. For more information on IEEE OnlineGreenComm’s topics and how to submit your paper,
please refer to calls & submit.

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